Salita San Siro 2
6962 Viganello/Ticino -CH

Date of Birth: 18/11/1967
Nationality: Swiss and German

I am a Dancer-Performer and teacher of Dance and Various Bodywork Techniques. I grew up between Argentina and Germany and have performed internationally in Europe and Latin America. I have now been living in Switzerland for 20 years. My shows and performances combine the artistic languages of Dance, Tango, Theatre, Clown and Singing.

As a teacher, I have been conducting both Creative Dance classes, Physical Theatre, Organic Movement and Yoga-inspired Dance for more than 27 years to Adults, Youngsters and Children, privately and in various schools. One such class I taught was “Danza Creativa ai Bambini”; (Creative Dance for Children) at the Montessori preschool in Vezia, Switzerland.

As a language teacher, I have taught privately and as a substitute teacher at Middle Schools in Ticino, Switzerland.

I have also taught courses in Creative Art-Dance at the Museo Cantonale and the LAC Museum of the City of Lugano, Switzerland.

Language Skills
  • Spanish (Mother tongue)
  • German (Mother tongue)
  • Italian (C2)
  • English (A1)
  • French (A1)
Education and Studies - Languages


University of Languages of Córdoba, Argentina, specialty: German Teacher

Work experience in Children's Dance

2003 – 2022

  • Creative Dance teacher in elementary schools and kindergartens (Town Hall of Arogno, at several elementary schools in Lugano, as well as at the “La Corte dei bambini” kindergarten – Montessori method.
  • Private Teaching in Ticino, Switzerland.


  • LAC Museum, Lugano, Switzerland.


  • Summer courses at the Museo Cantonale in Lugano, Switzerland.

1991 – 1995

  • Teaching in Argentina at the Elementary School “Deutsche Schule” Córdoba, Dance and Yoga for children.
Professional Studies in Dance

2005 – 2020

  • Study of Argentine Tango, Buenos Aires, Córdoba, with several international masters.

1992 – 1994

  • Contemporary Dance, Teatro San Martín, Córdoba, Argentina.

1990 – 1993

  • Various Dance and Body Expression seminars for children at the “Patrizia Stokoe” School, Buenos Aires.

1988 – 1989

  • “Universidad Nacional de Córdoba”, Classical and Contemporary Dance, Theatre, Acrobatics and Music, Córdoba, Argentina.

1980 – 1984

  • High School of Arts: “Folkwangballet und Musikschule”: Classical Dance, Contemporary Dance, Music in Essen, Germany.
Graduate Studies in Dance and the Art of Movement

Carola Behrend insegna ed è in continua formazione, è un’appassionata ricercatrice
Carola Behrend is a teacher and her training is ongoing. She is a passionate researcher in deepening the expressive art of the Body. A basis of her training is also Yoga, which she has been practising since she was 17 years old. She has conducted Yoga classes in Argentina, including classes with Indra Devi at her studio in Buenos Aires. She did 4 intensive months of “Teacher Training” at Yogaroof in Lugano, Switzerland.

1986 – 2023

  • To the present day, she works and trains with her Argentine Dance teacher and researcher, Isabel Pinczinger. (Energy and Dance Techniques: Fedora Aberastury).

2018 – 2023

  • Carola discovers and applies Clown into her language, which she studies with the Dutchman Eric Bonts and Argentines Gabriel Chamè and Lila Monti, among others.

2018 – 2022

  • In recent years she has studied and created several performances with Minako Seki (Japan/Germany).

2003 – 2013

  • Butoh Dance and Alexander Technique: ongoing studies in Europe with Imre Thorman, Minako Seki.


  • Theatre Dance, Taanteatro technique with dancer Maura Baiocchi, São Paulo, Brazil.

1994 – 1998

  • Butoh dance with Prof. Andrea Volij, Prof Maura Baiocchi.

1995 – 1996

  • Dance – Theatre (Feldenkreis Method, Contact Improvisation, Eutonia, Composition), Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina.


  • Contemporary Dance with dancers from the Juillard School of New York.


  • Dance classes in Carolyn Carlson’s Atelier, with dancer Mistuyo Uesugi, Paris, France.

1990 – 1993

  • Contemporary Dance with Maria Stekelman and Renate Schottelius, Córdoba, Argentina.

“Tante Terre”
Brussels, Belgium, Latin American Theatre Festival. Teatro del Gatto, Ascona, Ticino.

Teatro Danza – Teatro Foce. Dancer and original idea: Carola Behrend; under the direction of Giovani Quiroga, Director of Choreography: Giuseppe Asaro.

Teatro Danza, Córdoba, Argentina. Director: Giovani Quiroga.

“Derecho al delirio”
Solo performance, creation and interpretation: Carola Behrend, Córdoba, Argentina.

Solo dance-theatre performance, dance and choreography: Carola Behrend, Teatro Real, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Solo performance, creation and interpretation: Carola Behrend, Director: Maura Baiocchi, São Paulo, Brazil.

“Hasta que el cabello se torne oro”
Solo Dance-Theatre performance, dance and choreography: Carola Behrend, director: Leoncio Fabregues, Córdoba, Argentina.

“Cartas sin destino”
Teatro Cervantes, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

“Quiero tu vida”
Dance-theatre, dancer and actress: Carola Behrend, director: Oscar Rojo, Teatro La Cochera.

Choreography: Carola Behrend, Teatro Maipu, Córdoba, Argentina.

“El reto”
Teatro Candilejas, Carlos Paz, Córdoba, Argentina.

“Color Tango”
Dancer: Carola Behrend, National University of Córdoba, Argentina.

“Agua Uno”
Dance and choreography: Carola Behrend, National Radio Auditorium, Córdoba, Argentina.

1985 – 1987
“Tutu Maramba”
Dancer: Carola Behrend, Cultural Centre of the City of Córdoba, Argentina.



  • Selected for the XVII IMBA Prize, Autonomous University of Mexico, Third Contemporary Dance Competition, Mexico City, Mexico.

  • Winner of the Stimulus Fund at the Independent Theatre Dance Competition, City Hall of Córdoba, Argentina.


  • Special Invitation from dancer and choreographer Iris Scaccieri to the National Dance Festival, Teatro Cervantes, Buenos Aires, Argentina.