Creative Dance for Childen

Discovering one's own potential

Through the language of Dance, Rhythm and Music, work is carried out to develop the
imaginative and creative abilities of children as they discover their own potential. The
freeing of children’s spontaneous and innate movement is encouraged, thus facilitating the
relationship with their own body and that of others. In a shared space and with the play of
dance and theatricality, children encounter the joy that comes from the movement of a
spontaneous impulse. In order for children not to lose their unique expressiveness and
spontaneity, Carola offers more focused and specific training.

The main focus of DANCE for all children (especially young children) is on Free and

Children are taught elements of Dance, Yoga and Theatre, in conjunction with lots of music
and rhythm. They gain more awareness of their body and breath – the body relaxes
through different dynamics of movement in a playful manner.

The Goal is to encourage children to let go and make way for unique and authentic
expression. In my 30 plus years of experience, I have observed children not only have fun
and enjoy expressing themselves, but also gain more confidence in themselves while
interacting with others.

Group 1

Age range: 4 - 6 years old

Group 2

7 - 11 years (12 year olds too in some cases)

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Creative and
Modern Dance

In order for children not to lose their expressiveness and spontaneity, more specific training is offered in the form of Modern and Contemporary Dance so that students can:

– Have a greater awareness of their body, spine posture, elasticity…

– Gain rhythm and adopt different dynamics in movement, as well as to know how to coordinate movement by learning small sequences and choreography, especially by creating them themselves. Music and different rhythms are incorporated.

Age range: 11/12 to 15 years old