Different dance Movement Techniques are applied such as Eutonia, Breathing Techniques, Yoga, Stretching and Organic Movement, all of which are helpful in alleviating joint problems and poor circulation. Become more flexible, relax, remove Stress, give pleasure to the body and take joy in living.

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dance and organic

Dance will take you by surprise


Listening is key, as well as time and patience, but when you discover dance within you, you’ll feel joy and happiness, which will work wonders for your self-esteem and general well-being. It is a movement- and deep listening-based exploration of the body to express our soul and our emotions.

I apply all my knowledge in my method: contemporary dance, yoga, oriental techniques, Japanese dance and the Fedora Aberastury energy technique, as well as the dynamics of dance combined with the Minako Seki method.

I work on energy centres such as that of the tongue, the third eye, the Jara body centre and the fingers; every part of the body is interconnected.

Patient listening is a key tool for this technique as it works on the deep opening of the tissues and thus the release of energy: where it was once blocked, it now begins to flow.

I have created a method whereby each person can let his or her body flow with confidence and allow it to express its own authentic dance: a dance that starts from the inner self and lets the emotions and wisdom of one’s body express themselves as it takes space.

At the beginning of each class I guide by demonstrating simple and precise breathing and movement sequences. Using my imagination, I lead with instructions that allow for the exploration of free dance.

Bodywork for wellness - Energy pathways Movement - Dance Movement through breathing and joy.

  • Movement and breathing techniques

  • Eutonia Stretching

  • Rehabilitation: Issues with joints, circulation and flexibility



  • Opens energetic and emotional flow